Take a minute and have a long look at the side of your car. Forget about the tint and the door. What do you feel when you see those car wheels? Are they the same as every other car on the road? Your tyres add a lot to the overall appearance of your vehicle. If they do not spark some emotion when you see them, then something is obviously off. Not to worry. Below are some tips on how you can pimp your tyres to best suit your ride.

Touring over Performance Tyres

It may seem a bit strange to prefer touring to performance tyres. However, they come with more advantages than people know of.  Touring tyres are best for vehicles that are driven less than 80 miles per hour because they have less rolling resistance. Moreover, the tyres are a bit softer and last much longer than performance wheels, thus saving you replacement costs. In addition, they require less power to propel, because they have less traction. This not only implies better efficiency and mileage, but is also an improvement on the vehicle's fuel economy. For more information, consider calling a local tyre specialist.

Lose the Tube

They are the most popular tyres nowadays. As their name suggests, they have no inner tube. The tire is the tube. Therefore, if you're still stuck on old tubed tyres, it's about time to move on.

These modern wheels run at low pressures that enable them to eliminate the risk of getting a pinched flat. They are also harder and stronger, making them ideal for use on poor road conditions. Other than that, the tubeless tire is also lighter than ordinary wheels. This means it requires less power to rotate, hence fewer fuel consumption. Additionally, air is in direct contact with the rim, giving these wheels better heat dissipation. The tyres are also thinner, giving your car that sleek modern look. Lastly, the fact that these tyres have no tube makes them easier to fix and replace.

Get Larger Rims

Have you ever seen a well pimped vehicle tire? Then you must have felt that visual impact it brings along as it whooshes by. Larger rims are always present, and these will definitely give your car that sporty look you always wanted. Moreover, these rims are characterized by wider tyres that give your car a firmer grip for sharper handling on the road. Complement these rims with a spinner and some shiny silver colour, and you'll be the latest talk of the neighbourhood.