Damaged or faulty wheels can be classified as one of the main culprits of car accidents. And while more attention is paid to more pronounced problems like punctures, there are other silent killers that are ignored most of the times. One of them is imbalance of the wheels. It is easy to ignore the imbalance of your car wheels since they do not prevent you from driving. Its effect may be initially small but in the long run, it may be devastating.

What Does It Mean When You Have Unbalanced Wheels?

In simple terms, an unbalanced wheel is a wheel whose rim or tyre is heavier in one section. The difference in weight can be as a result of damage to the rim, or blemishes and imperfections in the rubber. These differences throw the wheel out of balance. Often, people take that wheel balancing and wheel alignment mean the same thing. Wheel alignment is actually different. It deals with angles of the wheels. In alignment, the wheels are adjusted so that they can be in a perpendicular angle to the ground and parallel to each other.

Are There Any Symptoms Of Wheel Imbalance?

Yes, there are. You know your wheel is out of balance when the following conditions are met:

1.You Feel Vibrations On The Steering Wheel.

An unbalanced wheel usually vibrates and the effect is more felt on the steering wheel as it wobbles. And as you increase your speed, the vibrations become more intense. Steering vibrations is associated with imbalance of the front wheels. For the rear wheels, the vibrations are felt in the seats.

2.Your Car Consumes More Fuel Than Usual.

Wheel imbalance could be one of the reasons why your car's fuel consumption has hit a new high.  Wheel imbalance and driving speed are directly proportional to fuel consumption due to the loss of traction. In other words, your car consumes more fuel if you are driving at a high speed with hugely unbalanced driving wheels.

3.You Observe Added Tear And Wear On The Tyres.

Imbalance results in added wear to the tyres. Due to a reduced contact with the road, some sections of the tyre experience more stress than others and develop extra wear.

Are There Any Dangers Of Driving With Unbalanced Wheels?

In addition to an uncomfortable ride, you risk losing control of your car due to the uneven wear on the tyres. Worn out tyres are susceptible to punctures because a thick tyre shields the casing from objects like metals that cause punctures. A sudden puncture may force you to lose control of your car and have an accident.

How Do You Re-Balance The Wheels?

To balance the wheels, you require professional car service. But the mechanism applied is simple. All a mechanic has to do is to find the heavy part that causes the imbalance using a balancing machine. Then this part is balanced by placing a counter weight on the opposite.