If you have recently purchased a new vehicle, it is important for you to understand logbook servicing. As you probably already know, the logbook is a simple booklet provided by auto manufacturers with the vehicle. This document contains critical information on the essential service requirements for the new automotive. Moreover, the logbook will indicate the distance after which each maintenance task should be performed.

This type of maintenance schedule is known as logbook servicing and it will help promote continued ideal vehicle performance. You should also note that failure to conform to the instructions will void the car warranty provided by the manufacturer. There are different factors that you will need to consider before your first logbook service, but the most crucial is the maintenance company (like Bridgestone Select). Here are considerations to help you select the right auto business. 

Model or Brand Specialisation

The logbook service encompasses a wide range of maintenance tasks in the entire vehicle. The established plan and special handling of the servicing work for every car can vary in order to achieve the most advantages. Therefore, you should consider choosing an auto maintenance shop that deals primarily with your vehicle brand or even model. The technicians in these shops are acquainted with the logbooks provided by the manufacturer, so they will provide more efficient services. In addition, they will be informed about any changes in the logbook maintenance requirements. For instance, some auto manufacturers will upgrade some requirements over time for better long-term performance. General servicing shops will overlook these changes since they cannot keep up with all types of vehicles.

Guarantee on Services

You should choose an auto maintenance company that offers warranty on their logbook services. The tasks performed will affect the performance of the car, so low quality work could compromise critical functions like acceleration and handling. In addition, if your vehicle breaks down due to poor servicing, your vehicle warranty from the manufacturer might be declared void. Therefore, choose a business that will guarantee the quality of their servicing work. They should also provide warranty for all significant replacement parts in case of unexpected failure.


Finally, you should evaluate the costs associated with the logbook services. In ideal circumstances, you should engage a technician that gives an upfront expense figure for all the maintenance tasks performed during each recommended session. On the other hand, it is advisable to compare with this with the cost of paying for each service separately to determine the difference. In addition, always inquire about any extra charges for replacement components.