If you have old tyres cluttering up your yard, you can re-purpose them into fun pots for your flowers. Ideally, you should not use tyres to grow food, as the plastic can leach into the plants, but they can provide a great home for flowers. Here's a few fun ideas:

1. Tyre Swing Planter

Take a cue from the classic tyre swing, and create a whimsical hanging planter. Find a tree with a sturdy branch, tie a heavy duty braided rope to it, and tie the other end of the rope to a tyre. If you cannot reach the branch to tie a rope to it, simply throw the rope over the branch and tie both of the hanging ends around your tyre.

Once the tyre is in place, fill its base with potting soil and put some flowers inside. Use a mixture of tall flowers that fill the center of the tyre offset with a few hanging vines trailing down from the planter.

2. Patio Planters

Foliage on your patio creates a warm intimate feeling, and you can save money on patio planters by re-purposing your old tyres. Stack two or three tyres on top of each other and place a small cheap flower pot inside them. Alternatively, skip the pot and use a heavy duty bin bag to line the inside of your tyres.

Paint the outside of your planter in fun colours or patterns. Then, fill your pot or bag with potting soil, and place a plant inside. Use tall ferns, miniature trees or little flowering bushes in these planters.

3. Vertical Gardens

If you want to decorate a wood fence, paint a few old tyres in a colour that complements your fence. Then, attach tool or bicycle storage hooks to your fence and hang the tyres from these hooks.

Once the tyres are securely attached to your fence, scoop potting soil into them and add flowers. Opt for lots of annuals in a variety of bright colours to add an extra pop to your fence.

4. Rubber Chips

If you prefer to keep the flowers in the ground, you can use old tyres to make rubber mulch to surround them. First, remove the steel from the tyres using a chisel to separate the wire from the rubber and pliers to pull the metal loose. Once the metal is removed, put the tyres through a wood chipper.

If you want to paint the chips, put the rubber in a big metal container and pour in a can of paint. Keep stirring the tyre chips until the paint is well distributed. Then, spread them out along a piece of landscaping plastic to dry. Finally, place the mulch around your flowers in your flower beds.