Car tyres can be on the more expensive end. And if you have to replace all four of your tyres in one go, your bank account will be dealt a severe blow. Thus, every motorist should know how best to care for these tyres to minimise the risk of premature degradation. In addition to routine maintenance and having your tyres checked by your mechanic during your car service, you should also be aware of the factors that could be diminishing the lifespan of your tyres. The following article highlights the different factors to be wary of that will decrease the longevity of your car tyres.

Driving with underinflated tyres

One of the most common, yet underestimated, causes of tyre degradation is driving around with underinflated tyres. When the tyre's pressure is diminishing, it means that these auto parts will not have adequate air to provide your car with sufficient support. As a result, the sidewalls of the tyres become at risk of deformation. And when the sidewalls are uneven, it leads to friction that will cause the tyres to overheat. The overheating, in turn, ends up weakening the tyres' steel cords while also making the rubber softer than it should be. Over time, the tyres deteriorate, and you find that you have to replace all of them in one go.

Irresponsible driving habits

The second factor that has a direct impact on the health of your car tyres is how you drive your vehicle. If you are an aggressive motorist, there is a high likelihood that this approach will soon manifest on your tyres. Driving around at high speeds on a regular basis will take a toll on the tyres and subsequently shortens their lifespan. In addition to this, if you are wont to steer the vehicle sharply and regularly engage your emergency brakes you end up prematurely wearing down your tyres. Although your car is dependable, it is not immune to mishandling.

Excessive load capacity

One fact that some motorists might be unaware of is that different types of tyres have an individual load index. The load index specifies the amount of weight that the car tyres are capable of supporting without succumbing to damage. The exact figure is typically indicated at the sidewall of the tyres. The load index functions to inform you on what limit you should not surpass when loading up your vehicle. Failure to stick to the load index can cause overheating of the tyres because of the downward pressure that is being exerted on them. Frequently surpassing the load index will ultimately damage the car tyres irreparably.